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We believe that excellent service and genuine care of students and partners are our major responsibility.

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  • We simplify the process so you can make confident decisions about your future. Get accepted with ease!
  • AcademConsult is in contact and has got agreements with thousands of educational institutions worldwide.
  • We help parents and students achieve academic success through expert guidance and preparation.
  • Our educational consultants help you discover your perfect profession and choose institutions worldwide.
  • We thoroughly review your qualifications, credentials, preferences, skills, and personality, compare them to the requirements of schools and universities, and identify the most suitable educational programmes that match your strengths.
  • Our proven track record ensures students gain admission to the most prestigious institutions in the world.
  • We provide comprehensive preparation to ensure our clients are fully ready to attend and succeed in top universities and schools.
  • We organize guardianship services, if needed.
  • We deal with all travel arrangements for our students and we provide full support during their studies.
1) Complex service packages for your education abroad:

  • assessment and planning of your education (including language level testing, consulting on educational programmes, career strategizing);
  • preparation steps (including subject or language prep, programme and educational institutions selection);
  • school/university documents and timing check, preparation and application;
  • organization of admission simultaneously to 1+ institutions, scholarships and payment help;
  • accommodation, visa, transport, medical and travel insurance arrangements.
2) Language, schools' and universities' entrance tests' prep:

  • Prepare for any language or subject test with our proven expert coaching with years of experience in the field.
  • Receive targeted feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and develop a study plan that works for you.
  • Our teachers provide personalized support tailored to your needs and goals, track your progress and identify areas where you need improvement.
  • Our online one-to-one classes are available anytime, anywhere. You can learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • With our custom training, you will increase your chances of success and get accepted into the school or university of your choice.
3) Individual supervising service of your studies:

If you wish, we accompany you being abroad while studying, including complete care and support during your studies and other services related to educational programmes abroad. You have a personal supervisor, who helps you with:

  • living and legal issues
  • adaptation support
  • documents translation
  • providing with an interpreter, a tutor
  • timely information on important issues, changes, policies
  • regular communication regarding the studies, exams, reports
  • responding to your inquiries in an accurate and timely manner, etc.

Our services TO STUDENTS and fees

unis / schools selection

universities / schools analysis;
requirements list;
the best choice planning;
timing info (up to 20 programmes)

440 $

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unis / schools admission

administration & test arrangement;
transfer paperwork if required;
the best application package prep;
application to 2-3 institutions; admission letter

1650 $

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visa & accommodation

administration arrangement;
accommodation placement;
visa paperwork;
travel assistance;
residence permit assistance

440 $

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LANGUAGE school placement

assessment & planning;
administration & test arrangement;
invitation & visa support;
accommodation placement;
travel assistance

150-440 $

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internship placement

assessment & planning;
administration & test arrangement;
invitation & visa support;
accommodation placement;
travel assistance

700 $

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application package check

if you want to apply yourself
and just need some experts' edition -
documents' check for your
successful admission
(1 institution)

390 $

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visa documents check

if you enrolled by yourself,
have got admission letter
and need some experts' edition -
documents' check for your
successful visa application

90 $

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full time support

24/7 assistance and support;
counseling & orientation

200 $ / 1 month

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language / SUBJECT tutor

on-line or off-line;
assessment & planning;
language classes & test preparation;
1 class = 45 minutes;
schedule & place suitable for you

from 25 $ /class

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The price does not include the following fees if needed: institutions registration fees, notarized translations of documents (~ € 50 for each university / school), courier mail for sending documents, exams (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.),  medical and travel insurance, consular and visa, other fees paid to third parties.

Why experts recommend to use services of educational agencies?

Advantages of applying with AcademConsult

High-qualified organization of education abroad is a very complicated, long and multiple-task process. Despite the access of open sources a great number of advices and recommendations for self-entrance to foreign university or school, you need a lot of time, certain knowledge and skills to succeed.

The price of mistake is very high – your time and money, first of all. So we recommend every person, who seriously thinks about getting education abroad, not to avoid professional support and trust your future to experts.

While organizing your study abroad you will need a certain number of services anyway: prep and taking tests, translation and mailing of documents, their legalisation / notarization, successful application for your study visa, insurance, etc. We provide you with the services in complex, in a single package. So we save your time and money!

  • We know everything about study abroad. Our experts have been working in the education advising since 1994. We regularly approve our qualifications, take trainings and visit education institutions. We have hundreds of successful stories and brilliant reputation. Working with us, you trust your future to the professionals!
  • AcademConsult is one of few agencies in the CIS market, which is licensed for the right of conducting educational activity and has international recognition and accreditations, approving high quality of our services.
  • We have no limits. We search for the best options for you and match your dreams to a programme.
  • The international accreditation and our long-term reputation let us organize your study not only at partner universities and schools, but at any educational institution of almost any country, including the top ones in the world.
  • Focus on you: we work individually with every customer, applying tailor-made principles, and choose a preparation programme, which is the most appropriate for your aims, criterias and needs.
  • Applying with us you save your time and get a better deal.
  • We apply a “single window” principle so our complex package already includes all services you need while organizing your studies. You should only follow our recommendations and provide us with documents on time.
  • With 29-years experience in educational consulting we have got a great number of contacts with leading  institutions all over the world. It gives us an information, which is not available in open sources.
  • We use it to maximize your chances to be admitted to the desired school or university.

IF YOU plan YOUr education abroad in 2024-2025

Better to start your preparation 10 months before the university / school intake. Some top educational insitutions need you to have 2-3 years to get prepared for entrance requirements.

So to start study in 2024 you are advised to choose your universities and programmes as soon as possible!

If you plan to start your education in 2025, do not postpone this issue either. If you start now you will have enough time for preparation in language, pass successfully language and other tests and enter your desired educational programme at a university or school.